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 Industrial Supplies USA  LLC is the leading supplier of industrial equipment & tools, safety products, electrical components and security equipment, etc. We deliver a wide range of our products to industries (including food processing, chemical engineering, packaging, building, plastic processing and manufacturing metal processing and fabrication, and medical device manufacturing. oil refineries, mining. petroleum). building contractors and professional shops. Our customers typically engage in repair, maintenance, operation, and original equipment manufacturing.

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Customer Service

Our unbeatable technical application assistance ensures that our customers find exactly what they need. We are able to use a number of sources to ensure that our customers receive the best products for their specific application Whether your project is large or small. our dedicated and experienced applications engineers will help you find the best solution for your needs.

We will stand by you to help you work through any surface or object issues you may encounter. Call, e-mail, or fax us today for a quote!

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that the key to customer satisfaction is performance. And the key to performance is keeping our promises±om our promise to provide the proper tools to fit your specific application to our promise to deliver tooling in time for you to meet your deadlines.

Industrial Supplies USA is dedicated to providing top quality industrial equipment & tools, products backed by a company built on integrity and the highest business ethics. You can be sure your order will be expedited quickly. efficiently. and accurately and the products you receive will perform as promised.

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