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Versatile cutting tools, that cut rough shapes, thick lumber, resaw boards with precision and make short crosscuts. Your vertical and band saw machines will need the best bandsaw blades so it performs the above tasks really well. These band saw blades have various types of widths to various thicknesses and lengths. It provides you with various ranges to choose from superior quality materials that are used to manufacture top-class band saw blades. There falls many types of band saw blades, but out of them all, a few are mentioned below. Let us understand the different types of band saw blades to use.

Bi-Metal Silencer

The Bi-metal silencer is a premium blade used for multiple purposes in terms of sawing. Talking about its benefits, it’s known as an aggressive, wear-resistant blade that is also available in different wide pitches to limit pinching. It includes longer life at really higher cutting rates. Its extensive tests have shown improved performance, reduced noise level, and improve reliability. The applications used for Bi-Metal Silencer are, for sawing a wide range of shapes and materials, tubing, profiles, small solids, etc. It Is the best all-around choice for different application purposes and is suitable for sawings of all metals. It helps with easy through difficult-machining metals.

Blade - Bi-Metal Silencer

Tungsten Carbide

A dense, meta-like substance with a light grey and bluish tinge, that disintegrates instead of melting at 2,600° C. The Tungsten Carbide is prepared with the help of a heating powdered tungsten with carbon black in the presence of hydrogen. The powdered tungsten is mixed with a different powdered metal, which in most case is cobalt, and is later pressed into the desired shape. Tungsten Carbides are divided into two different categories, the first being the cemented tungsten carbides that are also called hard metals. The second being the fused or cast carbide that consists of W2C and a eutectic mixture of WC and W2C.

Tungsten Carbide - Blades

Carbon Steel

A special type of steel that consists of a higher concentration of carbon than the other types of steel. As compared to the other types of steel, the carbon ones have a comparatively low carbon content of about 0.05% to 0.03%. This steel has a carbon content of up to 2.5% with 2 and a half percent carbon. To understand more about this type, it is classified into three main categories depending on its carbon content. These three categories comprise Low-carbon steel that is also known as mild carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, and high-carbon steel. These categories comprise different properties.

Carbon Steel - Blades

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