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An automated sawing machine where a blade is welded within a continuous loop and moved along a pulley system. A band saw machine is a multi-point machining tool that is used especially for cutting metal stock for other processes. These machines are available in vertical and horizontals designs with a typical band speed range from 40 feet (12 meters) per minute to 5,000 feet (15,00 meters) per minute. The use of these machines is provided with brushes or a brush wheel to prevent chips from getting stuck in between the blade’s teeth. The configuration of bandsaw machines is used to cut long materials like pipe or bar stock to length.

Horizontal Structural Saws

Horizontal Structural Saw comprises a mitre range of 105Âș and is the right use for the accurate and economical cutting of solid materials and profile. They are used by the structural steel industry for the use of such high volume fabricating applications. The Horizontal Structural Saw consists of a saw blade specially made for the comfort of cutting profiles. The Bradshaw consists of a cutting capacity of up to 27.5″ X 15.7″ for a profile to the right can cut rounds. The machine comprises a frequency-controlled 5.4 horsepower main drive motor. The speed of a Horizontal Structural Saw is easily configured, controlled and managed on the operator’s terminal.

Horizontal Structural Saws - Band Saw Machines

Vertical Contour Saws

Vertical Contour Band Saw, is the most versatile metal cutting machine tool available. This Vertical Contour Band Saw can easily cut open aluminium, copper, brass, mild steel, stainless steel, tough tool steel and sheet metals. It can also be used to cut non-metals like plastics, paper, wood, fibrous materials, etc. Vertical Contour Band Saw, metal cutting are available in stores in many sizes that would best fit your needs and feature band speeds that allow contouring, cut-off and machining of every material. Wish to know more about this versatile tool? Continue to read while we help with the understanding of what goes around the DoALL 2012-VH Vertical Contour Band Saw.

Vertical Contour Saws - Band Saw Machines

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