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All our products are ISO 9001-2008 compliant to ensure the highest quality available.

An outfitted heater with ceramic plates that are attached to metal coils, runs plainly on electricity. The electricity passes through these coils and heats up the ceramic plates. Later, the plates continue to absorb electrical heat which needs to be transmitted at some point, in order to get released into the air. This heater definitely comes with many advantages out of which is that it can warm up immediately, giving you really little time to feel the healing effect. The majority of ceramic heaters use nichrome (NiCr) wire heating elements, that are encapsulated in materials like silicon rubber or mica.

These heaters come with dozens of benefits out of which a few are:

  1. Providing heat without the use of the fire hazard
  2. Portable and lightweight
  3. Affordable quality
  4. It is built-in safety along with its safety features.

Heat Treatment

This term is basically to explain the process of heating and cooling metals. It is done with the help of predetermined methods to receive the needed properties. The desired properties can be both in ferrous as well as in non-ferrous metals. These metals undergo heat treatment simply by putting them to use. A few of the heat treatment methods release stress-induced in the previous cold working process. Another process develops desirable chemical properties to metals and it can be done by choosing the perfect method. The heat treatment process includes a few steps, which are, Heating, Holding, Cooling. The heat treatment includes annealing, normalising, hardening, ageing, etc.

Heat Treatment- Connectors

Speciality Flexible Ceramic Heaters

The Speciality Flexible Ceramic Heaters are designed and manufactured with the helo of high-grade nickel chrome strand wire and is insulated with the help of sintered alumina oxide beads, which gives flexibility and an increased high heat transfer capability. These Ceramic Heaters are designed for the use of pre and post-weld heat treatments, with the help of a wide range of ceramic pad heaters that function when used as a curved or as a flat application. The Speciality Flexible Ceramic Heaters are available in different sizes with voltages ranging from 30 volts to 255 volts. Most of these sizes are available at Industrial Supplies USA.

Ceramic Heaters - Wires

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