Vertical Contour Saws

DoALL 2012-VH Vertical Contour Band Saw

Contour Cutting Series
DoALL 2012-VH Vertical Contour Band Saw - Industrial Supplies USA

Among the most versatile machines available, vertical contour saws cut aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel, tough tool steel, stainless steel and sheet metal as well as nonmetals like plastics, paper and fibrous materials. Plus, they’re available with a wide variety of attachments for contour cutting, miter cutting, disc cutting and more. Popular DoALL optional accessories are shown below.


Rectangle Capacity at 90° 20 x 12″
(510 x 305mm)
Round Capacity at 90° 12″ (305mm)
Blade Drive Motor 3 hp (2.23kW)
Blade Speeds 30-5500 fpm
Blade Size (LxW) 154 x 1/8″ – 1″
(3912 x 3.2-25.4mm)
Floor Space Required
54 x 58 x 82″
(1380 x 1475 x 2070mm)
Weight 1650 lbs (748kg)